Smith House Inn | History

Life Along The River

Confluence, Pennsylvania, lives up to its name, marking the joyous meeting point of three rivers. Nestled just a stroll from the Great Allegheny Passage trail, our charming inn sits on the "west side" of town, where the Youghiogheny, Laurel Hill, and Casselman Rivers converge in a scenic peninsula.

Built in 1920, this historic home was originally owned by Daisy Cunningham. In the mid-20th century, George and Mary K. Smith purchased it as their retirement haven, cherishing it for many years. In 2011, the estate went to auction, and Confluence native Amber Hartman "accidentally" became its proud owner.

Living in Los Angeles at the time, Amber coincidentally made a trip back home to Confluence for a wedding the same weekend as the estate auction. Because Amber had many fond memories of George and Mary K Smith and their home had always been her childhood favorite, she decided to join her mother in attending the auction.  It was only realized at the end of the sale that the home itself was also being auctioned, and Amber spontaneously decided to place a blind bid. 

Weeks later, she received the exciting news of being the winning bidder. With the house now hers, albeit 3,000 miles away, Amber began envisioning its future. Witnessing the area's growing tourism and inspired by her aunt's former inn in Confluence, the vision for Smith House Inn was born.

After a year of ideation and relocation back to the east coast, Amber began planning the renovation and hired a local husband and wife construction team with experience in antique restoration.   After 2+ years of construction and development, Smith House Inn finally opened its doors to guests in  June 2015.

Today, Amber resides in the DMV with her fiancé Casey, his children Dulany and Trent, and their beloved pets Hutch (mini-Bernedoodle), Finn (mini-Irish Doodle), and Captain “Jack” Sparrow (bearded dragon).  The family enjoys spending as much time in Confluence as possible, and believe that they truly have “the best of both worlds” with the opportunities available to them in the city as well as the escape home to nature in the mountains.

Amber continues to maintain deep ties to her hometown and the Confluence community as she also owns Stonewood Lodge with Casey and Mitch’s Fuel & Food with her mom (Pam) and brother (Mike).  In addition to her local ventures, Amber has spent her entire career in the hospitality industry, and also serves as Vice President and Managing Partner at Third House Hospitality, a boutique global consulting firm that specializes in the conceptual development and operations of restaurants, hotels and hospitality businesses around the world.

Fulfilling a lifelong dream, Smith House Inn is Amber's passion project. Whether you're cycling on the Great Allegheny Passage or exploring Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpieces like Fallingwater, Kentuck Knob, or Polymath Park, our unique and refined lodging awaits you in the heart of Amber's beloved Confluence, Pennsylvania.

Smith House Inn has been meticulously restored to maintain its original character and integrity, while offering all of the modern luxuries one would hope to enjoy while traveling. We hope to welcome you for a visit really soon!


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